Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Childrens books.

I have a children's book publisher. Highland Press. Yea. It's not a huge company but they are growing and I want to grow right along with them. I am going to publish under Sara Madison. Sara my first name and Madison my grandmother's married name. My grandfather, who I never new, was George Madison and he wrote YA books. He used the pen name of Elliot Whitney. "Boss of the Bighorn", "Boys Scouts of the Air",etc. I have read some of his letter's to my grandmother. What an amazing thing is the written word.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cherif, Two Moons

Two moons

We are off to signing books in Schaumburg Barnes and Noble on Sat Aug 1st.

Cherif put up a collection of his paintings and some combination work on his face book. He always tweaks "sometimes for days" his stuff on the computer and they have a finished look. Mine sometimes have a look of raw work in progress. He's doing more and more of the photography now. I know he finally got that "I have to take more images, just one more please" feeling. He used to give me such a hard time about that. He'd say "Don't you have enough" It's never enough. We are working on images to add to Ellie and the Elven King. They are so cool. This will be the third in the Masterpiece line.

The image of him in the ocean with the two moons was taken in California. I wanted him barefoot in the shots. Two days after the shoot he was still pulling little pieces of clam shells out of his feet. Sharp little devils. Is this my fault?