Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finished a cover for our European agent

Every month or so we get a request for a cover for a German, Japanese, Italian or French title. It's fun to see where they go. There's a German Vampire series that has Cherif all over it. I have an extensive stock file of images not published yet. "The catalogue" It's fun for me to go through the stacks and find little gems. Images that didn't grab me the first time around, with a little retouching and highlighting become something special.

We are working on the re-issue of Helen Rosburg's "Ellie and The Elven King" With more advance computer skills and some new ideas, it is going to be even more fun to read and enjoy the images. It will be the third book in the Masterpiece series at Medallion Press.

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  1. Lynn this is lovely! I would love to see that German Vampire series. I know that Fans of the Sherrilyn Kenyon Were Hunter series use Cherif as their muse for the lead character Vane. might as well add Vampire to the growing list of fans. :-)