Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hello friends, I will try to write everyday but I know I will slow down when our new illustrated book gets into full production.

When you study the past, the illustrated book concept pretty much consisted of line drawings and some little paintings. With today's technologies the world of the image has exploded with rich color, variety and design. I see the romantic graphic novel concept is blossoming. Although it's style is not my taste I applaud the new directions my artist friends are taking, with their bold presentations.

For Fortin and Sanders we enjoy the romantic paintings of the Pre-Raphaelites of the 1800's. John Evert Millais, Dante Gabriel Rossetti. William Maw Egley, Edward Burne-Jones, to mention a few. A good book to learn about the pre-raphaelites is "Pre-Raphaelite Women", by Jan Marsh

We call our presentation "stylised realism". You have to be an ism to be anybody. Cubism, impressionism, etc. Ha. The image of Lady Leanna (Above) from Passion's Blood is a good example of the style we like in our portraiture. Beth's mother Rose has a 30x40 inch painting of this image. She says guests many times compliment her on the painting and when she tells them it's her daughter they are flabbergasted. It's so classical they don't relate it to a living person until the mom tells them. She always enjoys their reaction.


  1. I do love how you take something very modern and are able to bring it back in time to result in such a beautiful masterpiece!