Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The making of Passion's Blood

Passion's Blood evolved out of a desire to show more illustrations of the hero and heroine. I wanted to see more images than just the cover or setback. Cherif and I wanted to see the action. "Let's do it," we said. To read the story from the beginning you have to start with the first post. scroll down.

We, through our various shoots, had accumulated quite a bit of raw photography for our little book project. A skeleton of a story was emerging. After hours of deliberation we chose some good candidates for illustrations and went to work. We like our work prints to be at least 16x20 inches in size. Some go as large as 30x40 inches.

Cherif was busy writing and I was busy painting. Then we switched, he painted and I wrote for awhile. We enjoy doing it that way, it keeps us fresh. The images are a combination of hand work and photography. That was 12 years ago. Now we do (Cherif does) a lot of photoshop also. We still like to finish with oil for the final piece.

The image at the top of this post is of the suffering artist from a collection entitled "After a day of working with Lynn". Very funny Cherif. Actually it's my little project that I hope to complete before I die. Working title, "The Sculptor".

Back to Passion's Blood. I got the armour for the guys from the local drama group. Cherif was surprised that it was something he would have chosen. He of little faith.

The different images for "Passion's Blood" came from about 6 different shoots. Now we have a tighter schedule. We work from a story board that describe the images we need. Of course we leave room for the inspirational moment that we can't predict. Two to three days of shooting covers our stories. With photoshop our locations are not as critical. Then the time consuming computer and hand work begins.

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  1. I find it fascinating to see how you work and developed Passion's Blood. Very insightful. Thanks for sharing Lynn!